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How to Start Trading in Indian Stock Market

Today Indian stock market is becoming really huge. If we talk about state level exchanges there are ‘n’ numbers of stock exchanges but if we have a look of all exchanges in India there are two main exchanges – NSE known as national stock exchange and was opened in India in1995 and BSE known as Bombay Stock Exchange and was first recognize in India in 1970. 93% volume of stock market comes from NSE and rest 3% volumn comes from BSE.

If some person wants to trade in Indian stock market the big issue which appears before him is how to start?

Anyone can go and trade in stock market but first of all he has to open his demat account.

Now the question arises whats this demat account is?

It’s the account stands for dematerialized account. It is necessary to trade in stock market. Without this account one can’t trade in share market.The main owners of this account are national depository security known as NSDL and central depository security known as CDSL. All banks are depository participants of NSDL and CDSL.

How one can open his/her demat account?

To open it first one have to open his/her saving account in the same bank where they want to open there demat account.

After opening a saving account he/she has to give application for demat account and same documents are required which were required to open saving account.

The bank then after verifying all the documents would open your account.

After doing so bank would link your account with your saving account, because no monetary transactions would be there in your demat account all monetary transactions of your shares will be through your saving account.

In this account the entries of your purchasing and selling of shares would be there.

Types of demat accounts?

There are mainly two types of demate account which you can open:

Online demat account -Online account is that when you can directly do trading through Internet. The limit in online demat account is 5 times of money which we have in our account.

Offline demat account-offline account is that when we don’t trade directly, we do it through other broker through phone or by visiting broker’s office. The benefit of offline account is the limit given on it. Generally brokers provides trading limit of 5 to 6 times of our money which is in our saving account but if we request to broker to increase our limit he can do so if he thinks it’s right.

Charges of demat account?

Different bank charges differently for demat it. They usually takes annual charges for it. So before opening of demate account one should must have a look on charges which all banks are taking. Here is list of some bank charges on demat account:

SBI charges-400/- per year
HDFC charges-500/- per year
CITY bank charges-250/- per year
Share khan charges-75/- per year
ICICI charges-500/- per year

So once you have open your demate account you can go for trading in stock market.

As you are just entering in market you are not aware much about stock market, it’s policies, position of stocks in market, so you can take help of research firms who research in stock market and keep there eye on each movement of stock and provide stock tips.

These stock tips can be vary beneficial for you as you are fresher in stock market and will help you to invest in right stock at the right time so that you can enjoy profit in stock market.

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