Day Trading on the Stock Market

You have heard it all before about how you can make a fortune with day trading in stocks. What you do not hear is how quickly you can lose your life’s savings if you are not careful in what you are doing. We are going to go through some stock day trading tips and warnings so you can make the best informed decision on how you want to trade in the stock market.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued several warnings to individuals who hope to make their fortune in stick day trading. Day traders buy and sell stocks quickly throughout the day using borrowed money in the hopes of making minuscule profits per stock but large payouts by the sheer volume of shares traded. You have to have enough funds and the right temperament to make any kind of money at day trading and you have to be able to sense the market and how it is going to turn at any given point in the day.

There are experts that will sell you stock tips for day trading. You should avoid these kinds of tips at all costs. You need to get to the point to be able to trust your own instincts when it comes to trading. One of the best trading tips I have ever heard was the recommendation that before trying day trading you should have some experience in either the futures or forex markets so that you can get a feel for the flow of the market – both up and down. Having looked over several sites on day trading I have come up with several traits of successful day traders.

Learning these traits or already possessing them is again on of the best stock day trading tips I can offer today. The best day traders always take responsibility for their actions and trades and keep an even temper at all times. This can also be referred to as having a poker face in other areas. A great day trader does not get depressed if he loses on a trade and does not shout exultantly when a trade hits it big. He makes note of the strategies that worked and keeps working those while discarding the strategies that result in losses.

Other excellent stock day trading tips are having a definite business plan, keeping a journal, focus on no more than 3 successful techniques, become comfortable with risk and uncertainty, and always use risk capital (someone else’s money). Having a definite business plan involves determining when you will trade, what your maximum loss will be what techniques to use, what are the total expenses and what your final objectives are.

Setting everything out in a professional written business plan will make your job that much easier and clearer on a day to day basis. Keep a journal on all your trades. When you got in and what price, when you got out, what price and how much you made or lost. Over time you will find trends that will enable you to be more successful and you can fine tune your trades so that you will minimize any further losses.