Stock Market Tips – Prevent Your Stock Picks From Going Bust

It’s easy to make money on the stock market, right? All you have to do is buy good stocks and sell at the correct time. The experts will tell you that the stock market is a sure thing – a guaranteed money maker. Well if it’s so easy, then why do so many in the stock market game lose money? History has proven over time that there are a few common mistakes by traders that cause them to pick losing stocks and here they are:

1. Refusing To Take A Small Loss

You’ve heard the saying “You Can’t Win Them All”. This holds very true with picking stocks. Even the most proficient of traders take their share of hits. What makes them come out on top in the long run is they know when to fold. It’s okay to be wrong, just don’t stay wrong for too long on any particular pick. If your pick doesn’t work out the way you thought it would – get rid of it and move on! Traders need to have the mindset of a relief picture in baseball. If you get shelled today, you get back out there tomorrow and start over.

2. Panic Selling

As stated above, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and sell a stock that’s a loser but make sure you don’t jump the gun. You should never sell just because you’re scared. You should sell if it makes rational, logical sense to do so. Too many people sell stocks because the market had a bad day and they’re just plain afraid it will go even lower the next day. They panic and sell and then kick themselves when the stock shoots back up.

3. Not Doing Your Homework

To be a successful trader, you simply must do your research. You need some type of logical system in place for picking your stocks. This isn’t the race track and you cannot allow yourself to pick a stock on a whim or because Joe down at the coffee shop told you that a certain stock is a sure winner.

4. Picking Stocks With Emotion

This is the biggest mistake of all. Fear and greed are part of human nature and this is the hardest obstacle to overcome when picking stocks. If you can eliminate emotions from your trading, you have just won half the battle.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when picking stocks. There are many others, but just using common logical sense and having a set system in place will have you picking more winners and consistently pulling in the profits.